About Us


West Houston Radiology Associates, LLP (WHRA) possesses the diversification and experience to operate an efficient, service-oriented and profitable radiology department.  Our mission is to form a partnership that will provide exceptional healthcare, promote growth and build lasting relationships, with patients, physicians and administration.

All 24 of our ABR Certified Radiologists have unique experiences and skills.  Our services include: adult and pediatric general radiology, fluoroscopy, CT, MRI, US, interventional radiology, cardiac imaging, oncologic imaging, neuroradiology, women’s imaging and nuclear medicine/PET imaging.  We routinely exceed the community standard for after-hours services by utilizing a web-based imaging system that integrates PACS, RIS and voice recognition dictation.  This enables us to provide immediate consultation, interpretation and dictation of exams by the physician who provides the highest diagnostic expertise.

The integrity of our relationships with hospital staff, referring physicians and administrations has strengthened our ability to provide quality service and maximize growth.  The services which we provide for a wide variety of other entities have allowed us to become experts in the business of medicine.