Interventional Oncology

Interventional Oncology Services and Procedures offered by West Houston Radiology


Interventional Oncology – A branch of interventional radiology in which the IR physician, in close conjunction with the patient’s primary Oncologist, delivers targeted cancer therapy.

Chemoembolization – A small catheter is placed, under x-ray guidance, directly into the vessel supplying a tumor. Chemotherapy is then delivered through the catheter, usually in conjunction with agents used to slow the blood supply to the tumor. In certain types of tumors, this can be an effective local treatment while minimizing the side-effects often associated with systemic chemotherapy.

Thermal Ablation – Small probes, or needles, are placed through the skin and into the tumor, usually under CT or ultrasound guidance. Specific types of probes can then either freeze (Cryoablation) or heat ( Radiofrequency and Microwave ablation) the tissue to kill the tumor along with a small margin of surrounding tissue. In certain types of tumors, this can serve to effectively “resect” the tumor without traditional, open surgery.